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Affiliate marketing has grown very fast ever since it was incepted. Having a money spinning Affiliate Program is becoming extremely important in determining the success of your online business. After all, affiliates are your business partners trying to sell your products and services, and generous time and effort should go into making them successful.


Infiyug Technologies do Affiliate Marketing in very different manner.  We have two different segments for Affiliate Marketing are as below:

  1. Become Affiliate of Infiyug Technologies Products:

    We allow and welcome all standard running companies to become our Affiliate and allow them to start marketing our products at their region with all desired efforts and marketing.  We welcome affiliate to sell the products and run a Business containing our range of products.

  2. Let us Become your Affiliate:

    We have a team who can do your products marketing with different ways in your target area and terms.  We do strategic planning for the same as we are doing our product sales likewise.